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Estancia Argentina La Armonia

Traditional Argentine Estancia La Armonia

On a wooded property of 500 hectares, horse man life breathes since 1922.

La Armonia, is an unrivalled luxury lodge in Argentine Pampas - a destination to explore, indulge and relax amongst a setting that is unlike any other. Perched on the spectacular 500 acres estancia, 2 hour away from Buenos Aires, La Armonia  Lodge offers an exclusive, fully hosted experience for a maximum of 11 guests in 5 beautifully appointed suite rooms.

La Armonía crossing point between time, art and pleasure.


Staying at La Armonia will bring you a sense of tranquility, peace and serenity. You will feel that time runs slower here than the rest of the world. The sound of the pampas with its animals, its breezes, the frogs and crickets chant at night, the smell of the grass and of humid soil of the rain to come, all these will, little by little, immerse yourself into the spirit of the pampas.



Our talented and dedicated staff provides remarkable service and will tailor your menu and activities to suit your personal tastes ensuring your stay is both pleasurable and memorable.

All our dishes include seasonal vegetables from the orchard, which you could collect with the chef. Of course, meat is the spoilt ingredient in Argentina,  essential part of our asados, made by typical local techniques.


La Armonía is a  fully working soya seeding field. It is settled in the Humid Pampas, a geography featured by its flat and fertile grassland. 

On a wooded property of 500 hectares

Bodegon rustic salon with large stove and air conditioning

Pool table and board games

Swimming pool with solarium and pergola

Family living room with fireplace and art exhibition

Organic orchard

Library / TV room

Massage room


Right from your window you will enjoy the Pampa’s environment. From the smell of the flowers of jazmines climbing the columns of the galleries, to nesting birds singing for food, a horse neighing at a distance, the sight of an open park home to centennial trees ... nature is just there to be discovered!

Horseback riding to Salado River

Carriage ride to local village pastry & cafe


Wine tasting

Cooking lessons

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