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The house is surrounded by a park of 500 hectares, full of a variety of very old trees, including centenarian platanus, oak trees, acacias, pines, chilean myrtles, laureles, and casuarinas. During your walk around you will find free farm animals and a variety of birds. From the shadows of the trees to the open pampas near the orchard, there is a beautiful path to travel through while you get wrapped by the essense of local nature,its smells, its sights, its sounds!

Excursions on horseback by carriage

Excursions on horseback, by carriage to Gdor Ugarte. This is a small rural village, 30´s away. We will visit the local bakery and traditional cafe.  If we have the opportunity we will try to engage with local people on a conversation about their life in this out of time town.

Horseback rides

Explore La Armonia 500 ha property. Among our criollos horses, the workhorse of the gauchos, choose your steed and go galloping in the estancia. Ride along a path full of centennials trees until reaching the endless grasslands of the pampas around river Salado.If you are a novice, you will receive advice from Miguel, who will guide you.  If you dare to, you will be able to prepare your horse for the ride and reward with carrots after the journey.

Bird watch

La Armonia  is an exceptional place for birdwatching. All the trees around the park give place for birds to nest, as well as our nearby Salado river.

Take the binoculars as a professional birdwatcher, looking for hummingbirds, cardinals, horneros, herons, storks, sparrows, tropical screech oils, southern screamers, coscoroba swans, black necked swans, woodpeckers, fork tailed flycatchers.

Cost: included on the lodging rate.

Wine Tasting

At the Bodegon or La Meson, a moment before dinner,  participate of  Wine Tasting under the Stars.

The selection comes from the three major Argentinean wine regions – Mendoza, Salta and Patagonia – and we complete this experience with a selection of breads, cheeses and dried meats produced at Estancia La Armonia.

Weddings and aniversaries

Spend one of the most important moments of your life at  a Traditional Argentinian Estancia. 

With a five mega comfortable room for lodging the groom and bride and their family, a 500 hectares park surrounded by centennial trees, an olympic swimming pool and the environment of the argentine pampas all around, La Armonia is just what you are looking for your perfect wedding!

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